Betonski spavači – Season 3



After World War II, Yugoslavia and Croatia, as one of its republics, embarked on building a new society bridging the East and the West. This experiment was marked by numerous contradictions that were, among other things, reflected in architecture, a crucial part of this significant societal project.

In an unusual journey from Zagreb to Belgrade, passing through Zenica and Sarajevo, all the way to the small Belgian town of Wevelgem, through four episodes, the documentary series will explore architecture that embodied the fundamental values of the society at the time: federalism, non-alignment, modernization, and anti-fascism. We will visit buildings, monuments, and cities that represented these ideas and delve into the fate of architecture with the highest symbolic significance that, despite losing its original meaning due to radical historical changes, has maintained its cultural and social importance.
Can we recognize the authentic social and architectural values and strip away the stigma of ideological adversaries from some of the most valuable examples of our urban heritage?

Can we critically assess the achievements of one generation and establish continuity in our recent history?

One episode of the series’ latest season will premiere at the Days of Oris just before it airs on Croatian national television.

Show Creators and Screenwriters:
Saša Ban, Maroje Mrduljaš, Nevenka Sablić
Director: Saša Ban
Host: Maroje Mrduljaš
Cinematographer: Hrvoje Franjić
Editor: Nina Velnić
Producer: Dana Budisavljević, Hulahop

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