Elementarna is an architectural studio based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Founded in 2017 by architects Ambrož Bartol (1990), Dominik Košak (1991), Miha Munda (1990), Rok Staudacher (1990) and Matevž Zalar (1987), all graduates of the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Architecture. The office is rooted in the strong belief that good architecture should constantly challenge established processes. They strive to explore new approaches, embrace change, and adapt dynamically. Ultimately, their goal is to address the complex questions of reality with simplicity.

Each architectural endeavor begins with a fundamental question, shaping its essence upon realization. The key, they believe, lies in asking questions beyond the literal project brief. Architecture, seen as a bridge between the physical and temporal realms, necessitates a thoughtful approach. In their quest for architectural relevance, they reject the notion of architecture as a mere product of spontaneous creativity. In a world awakening to the consequences of resource depletion and environmental negligence, architecture must, like nature, continually challenge conventions, explore new avenues, and adapt. In an era dominated by superficiality and transience, meaningful architecture redefines space by seeking inspiration in unexpected places. It crafts an experience that goes beyond the immediate, embodying a connection to nature, time, and memory. Ultimately, it is an architecture that complements the existing essence of a place, emphasizing the significance of empty space over mere physical form.

The quality of their work is confirmed by nomination for the EU Mies van der Rohe Award 2024, shortlist for the Domus Restoration and Preservation International Prize 2024, recognition at the Balkan Architectural Biennial 2023, receiving the International Piranesi Award in 2023, in addition to numerous architectural competition prizes. Their work has been published in specialized magazines and online platforms such as Outsider, Piranesi, Divisare, etc., and presented in the exhibition “New Praxes, New Tools” in Ljubljana, Berlin and Vienna together with nine other contemporary Slovenian architectural practices in 2022.

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