José María Lapuerta Montoya

José María Lapuerta Montoya


  • Head Professor of Design, E.T.S.A.M. 2007.
  • Professor and lecturer Universities of Nantes, Campinas (Brazil), FAO USP and Escola da Cidade (Sao Paulo), Harvard, Universidad Católica de Lima (Peru), ETH Zurich, Universidad de los Andes, Split (Croatia).
  • Professor Ad honorem Universidad de Montevideo. Since March 2006.
  • PhD Architect. 1996. Over 24 years of research.
  • Master of Architecture, E.T.S.A.M. 1983.
  • Director of the International Science Congress in Shanghai, China, and Santiago de Chile. Tonjii University. Dic. 2014 – Jul. 2015. Santiago de Chile 2016
  • Director of the Master in City Sciences. Since May 2012, UPM.
  • Director of the Master in Collective Housing MCH. UPM-ETH From the 1st Edition 2006 to the 14th Edition 2021.


  • Curator of the exhibition “Amaneceres Domésticos” at the SALA ICO on the present and future of European housing, Ministry of Transport,
  • Mobility and Urban Agenda. 05/10/2022 to 15/01/2023. On a book of the same name which he co-authored
  • Conference at UIA International Forum 2022 “Affordable Housing Activation: Removing Barriers”.
  • Member of the National Commission for the evaluation of research activity, CNEAI, Aneca. Year 2020.
  • Expert and Team Leader in the European Union, “Study on EU Cooperation for sustainable Urbanisation in India”. In 2015.
  • Member of the Evaluation Commission of the National Qualification Tests for the selection of Teaching Staff. General Secretariat of the
    University Coordination Council. Since May 2003.
  • Member of the National Commission for the evaluation of research activity, CNEAI, Aneca. Year 2020.
    Director of the “El campus del Futuro” Project UPM since 2015
    Director of 14 doctoral theses and President of the Doctoral Thesis tribunal.

Author of books:

  • Co-author of the book HOUSETAG: COLLECTIVE HOUSING IN EUROPE 2000-2021 10/2021. Editorial TC CUADERNOS.  Spanish Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda.
  • Atlas de los poblados dirigidos, 1956-1966. September 2021 GIVCO.
  • El Croquis, Proyecto y Arquitectura, Celeste editions 1997
  • Manual de Vivienda Colectiva. ACTAR 2007. Also, English edition.
  • VIVIENDA, ENVOLVENTE HUECO, Housing Envelope Frame (English edition) Actar.
  • Cuadernos de Vivienda, GIVCO.
  • Inventando en sus casas. Casas de Maestros. Mastergraft.  Uruguay
  • Vivienda Colectiva en España (century XX-1929-1992).
  • Vivienda Colectiva en España (1992-2015).
  • Estrategias Energéticas Europeas.
  • Relaciones entre indicadores definidos en la Norma Iso 7120.
  • Mejores prácticas de Accesibilidad en Transporte Público y edificación.
  • Casas de Maestros Editorial AV Monografías.
  • EXORCITY Monumental Madrid. TC cuadernos 2017.
    “Vivienda y clima: Housing and Climate”. May 2019. ETH, GIVCO and the Ministry of Public Works.
  • ZIPPED: El espacio en pequeñas casas japonesas. Address and foreword. TC Cuadernos 2018.



  • TC cuadernos. DE LAPUERTA+ASENSIO arquitectura 1995-2010.
  • Arquitectura contra las desventajas. DL+A.
  • DL+A DE LAPUERTA + ASENSIO Arquitectos Asociados.
  • Artículos en AV, Aviva, Electa, Arquitectura, Con Arquitectura…


  • ASPRIMA SIMA Award: Best real estate performance in housing 26-05-2022 and COAM 2022 Award: Best residential building. 20 dwellings in Calle Alcala 141, Madrid.
  • First prize for the best PassivHaus building in the category “Passive house & renewables” awarded in Germany, among 89 candidates from 19 countries. 10-09-2021. Brains School (Colegio Brains) Calle Maria Lombrillo, Madrid.
  • Mention in Sustainability MATCOAM Awards 2018. Project 4 villas in Calle Guisando. Work 2017-2018
  • Finalist FAD, COAM Awards, Castilla Leon, ENOR, Colegio Vasco Navarro,
  • First Prize. Ideas Competition. Project for 245 subsidised housing units in El Porvenir, Sevilla, organised by EMVISESA. Work 2007.
  • First Prize. Ideas competition for the New Coca-Cola Headquarters in Madrid. Work 2006.
  • First Prize. BASQUE GOVERNMENT Competition for the design and construction management of 55 social housing units in the extension of the San Antón Bridge, Bilbao La Vieja (Bizkaia). January 2006.
  • First Prize. BASQUE GOVERNMENT 45 social housing and annexes, confluence of Txomin Garat and Gabriel Aresti, Txurdinaga, Bilbao (Bizkaia).

April 2005.

  • First Prize. Ideas competition for the construction of a Multipurpose Pavilion. Concello de Mos. Marzo 2004. Basic and Execution Project June


  • Competition EUROPAN IV Bilbao Honourable Mention 1996. Partial Plan and Urbanisation Project 1999. Project for 70 dwellings, 5 towers and 6 garage floors. Work 2002.
  • 31 different works published in magazines such as AV, Arquitectura Viva, El Pais, Arquitectura,, Detail, ON, Domus, A+t, Con Arquitectura, Ciudad y Territorio, BAU, L’Arca, Architektur AKtue
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