Marjan Pipenbaher

Marjan Pipenbaher, MSCE

Marjan Pipenbaher was born in 1957 in Ljubljana. He received his master degree in civil engineering from the Faculty of Civil Engineering Maribor, where he continued his postgraduate studies.

From 1981 he was employed at Gradis Design Office where he participated in designing of several large bridges and viaducts constructed by Gradis in Slovenia and abroad. In the period from 1984 to 1990, he also worked as visiting university assistant at the Faculty of Civil Engineering Maribor.

In 1990, he founded with his partner Ponting Consulting Engineers, where he is project manager and Managing Director of the company. The internationally renowned Design Office is specialized in designing of demanding bridges, deep foundations, high-rise buildings and other demanding engineering structures.

Since 2002 he is also founder and Managing director of specialized design and research Company Pipenbaher Consulting Engineers, specialized in designing of long-span bridges, performing various dynamic and other nonlinear analysis, seismic protection, deep foundation and geotechnical analysis, wind dynamic, CFD analysis, preparing and organizing wind tunnel tests and other special design services.

He is the author and responsible designer of over 200 bridges and viaducts in Europe and out of Europe, including the largest Slovenian viaduct Črni Kal, Viaduct Peračica, two bridges over the Drava River, the highest and over 1000 m long railway bridge in Israel – Bridge No. 10, Viaduct Oued Menar in Algeria ….


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